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The stalk shredder machine has the function of shredding the grape stalks so that their volume is minimized to facilitate their transport.

The machine in question has a predisposition for loading on the upper part, the shredding is carried out by means of oscillating knives mounted on a rotor. The expulsion of the waste material takes place in the lower part.

The stalk shredder can be positioned on a special support, of variable height according to needs.


Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel, it is used for the reception and transport of fresh grapes for the subsequent stages of products processing; it can be made either with a single bottom cochlea (conveyor) or with two conveyor cochleas. Depending on the needs, the tank will have one or two cochleas 300 step 300 to eliminate the accumulation of excess products.

The tank is designed to obtain an adequate slope on both sides and allow the conveyance of the grapes to the rotating cochleas, all suitably TIG welded with inert gas protection; the upper part of the tank is equipped with safety bars. The cochleas are driven by an electric motor and equipped with a reducer and speed variator, which is constantly at optimum speeds at the machine, in relation to the different types of products and the actual production line. The electric group will be equipped with protection devices.

The tanks for receiving grapes are available in different sizes depending on the models. We can supply the tub only or complete with control panel. All the processes from construction to design are carried out with extreme care, finished and subjected to a quality control in order to present an excellent product.


The research, with the utmost respect, of raw materials from the earliest stages of processing is an integral part of our company philosophy. For the hand-picked grapes and their subsequent transport, this historic company uses all its experience in supplying product receiving lines with hoppers and conveyor belts for the manual selection of the grapes.

The conveyor belts are made up of a bearing frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel profiles and equipped with hoppers with adjustable height to adapt to the different working conditions that may occur; with food-grade PVC mat on worktop with Spondaflex, to prevent slipping and ensure continuous product transport.

The conveyor belts made are both horizontal and inclined, to be inserted in different points of the processing line, and sometimes operate on different planes. Cleaning and maintenance operations are made particularly easy and fast.

All conveyors are complete with electrical system and comply with current CE safety standards.


The cochleas are used for the transport of whole grapes, fermented skins or for the transport and unloading of the marc, working on both straight and inclined sections.

Entirely built in stainless steel on a supporting structure of stainless steel profiles, to ensure maximum strength and total reliability; available in various diameters and lengths suitable for the type of work to be performed, it is also easy to wash and maintain.

They are designed and built with great care and according to specific company layouts, to connect all the various machines in the best possible way and to make the technological systems work perfectly. All cochlea conveyors are complete with electrical systems and comply with current CE safety standards.


The walkways are built entirely of stainless steel. Available in modules to ensure maximum customization, their characteristics make them safe, reliable and durable.

They can be built in various sizes and variable lengths ensuring a static and rigid supporting structure. They can be equipped with end caps fixed with bolted brackets.


– They have a self-supporting structure and can be installed even in hard to reach places.
– They do not require maintenance as they are entirely made of stainless steel.
– Made in compliance with the safety regulations in force.


Like all spiral staircases, they are made of stainless steel. They consist of a central core in round tube with non-slip steps; The staircase is complete with a handrail made of hand-polished AISI 304 stainless steel sheets with mirror finish.

The ladder can be made of any diameter and height, according to specific needs.


– They have a self-supporting structure and can be installed even in hard to reach places.
– They do not require maintenance as they are entirely made of stainless steel.
– Equipped with non-slip steps.
– They mount quickly and easily.
– They are transportable.
– They are modular allowing their installation and to satisfy the most demanding needs.
– They are mirror polished by hand polishing.


The tanks are made with state of the art equipment. The staff is highly specialized, and guarantees the realization of a high quality product.
All the tanks are made from top quality stainless steel material and the TIG welding processes are performed with automatic robots, for perfect penetration.

Furthermore, the tanks can be equipped with pockets for refrigeration, made directly in the company with automatic TIG systems; it is possible to create duct pockets, honeycomb pockets or visible ashlar pockets.

The materials that are usually used are AISI 304 and AISI 316, depending on the type of use, and on specific customer request.
In addition to standard-sized products, any container can be built on a CAD drawing. Capacity: – from 10 to 10,000 Hl.


THE OENOLOGICAL TANKS are built taking into account the oldest methods of vinification of red grapes, with the utmost respect for the raw material
In the company we design and manufacture tailor-made wine making, highly reliable and with an excellent finish, thanks to the applied technologies and the use of high quality fittings and components, which are also subjected to careful analysis in our quality control department.

Our products are made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel, and on request they can be made with an external finish type 2B, BA, stainless steel flower finish, polished or satin.

In addition, these wine making are also equipped with refrigerating pockets so that fermentation takes place at low temperatures, to better preserve the organoleptic properties of the original product, rich in heady smells and unforgettable flavors.


The Tube in Tube heat exchangers are modular equipment made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on request) suitable for heating / cooling products such as fruit juices and musts, both clear and containing peel or pulp.

The exchanger is made up of two concentric stainless steel pipes placed horizontally and above. The product to be treated flows in the inner tube, while the heating / cooling liquid flows externally. The exchanger is modular based on the mass of the liquid to be treated.

It can be made with different diameters, lengths and number of modules.



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